This week, we're talking about access to safe abortions in Namibia, and why trying to run the country like it's your own personal house is not the sam...View Details

Alternate title: The Tangent Tapes. Join us this week as we talk about the daily distractions keeping us sane. We're writing books, we're doing choreo...View Details

We're off with a bang. And we're talking about white men, their baffling amount of privilege AND fragility, and why it is such a problem.  Join us for...View Details

We're back with an all new, experimental season of Heard Not Seen - The Isolation Tapes! Join Paleni and Ndapwa as they figure out how to use Zoom, ta...View Details

We're kicking off the new year (and closing season 3) by looking at relationships - how do you know if it’s time to walk away, and how do you deal wit...View Details

This week we try to cross the probably self-imposed generational gap and try to figure out how feminism is viewed by those who are younger than us. We...View Details

Today is human right’s day and this week we are talking about cultural appropriation. Whether it’s a hairstyle, print material or “borrowing” from oth...View Details

We're talking religion this week! As three women growing up in a predominantly Christian country, we talk about our family's different approaches to c...View Details

Hello dear listeners!    In our tradition of personalising Namibian and global feminist issues, this week we have a discussion around parenting...View Details

Hello dear listeners! We are so happy to be back and to welcome you to season 3 of Heard Not Seen.  We're diving straight into it this season: Namibia...View Details

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