In our first bonus episode we chat to a musician, performer, comedian, and just all-round great human: Miss H. She starts the show by giving us a little taste of No women No Cry and the goosebumps just keep coming. During our chat, much to our surprise, we find out that Miss H doesn’t do conventional interviews and now we know why! As soon as she starts speaking you are immediately lost in her passionate take on music and love for other people, which is why the three of us, who are usually the chattiest people in the room, could only listen in awe, with our mouths fully open. We talk about her musical childhood in Swakopmund, the Namibian music scene, how her all male white band likes things, and she shares music with us that is very close to her heart. And if that wasn't enough, she is on her way to becoming one of Namibia's top stand up comedians. She really is everything!

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