In the final episode of the season,  Paleni, Ndapwa and Brigit talk about men. The contradictions, confusions and calamity that comes with loving them and how the #notallmen movement is a real vomit bucket. 

Also, as an end-of-season-finale-folly we play that classic game, Truth or Truth! We open up about out lives, and get more hashtag real than even we expected to. What was Paleni’s favorite life fail? How the heck did Ndapwa end up here? And does Brigit even like her life? Find the answers to these questions and more, along with a few words of wisdom - please learn from our fumbles.

Thank you for listening and coming along on this journey. We’ll be back for an even ‘litter’ season 2 soon! (This joke will only make sense if you listen.)

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